The capital of the Altmühltal

Eichstaett is not one of the great, yet the most delicious things in Germany. “With these words, Theodor Heuss (former German President) described a spiritual residence, which has preserved its baroque appearance into modern times, and still retains its charm and flair today And which their Italian builders can not deny.

Eichstaett appeals to all senses, an open city, an Italian gem that invites you to stroll and discover. Baroque facades, playful rococo, palaces and cavalry houses, churches, monasteries, the Willibaldsburg. The baroque residence is one of the most beautiful places in Germany. In the cathedral you can find art from all over the centuries. The city at the Altmühl charms its guests with cheerful hospitality.
Eichstaett is young and full of life. A center of diverse activities not only for students of the Catholic University. The Altmühltal nature park around the town is a paradise for diverse leisure fun. Cafes, beer gardens and pubs are waiting for cheerful guests. On the market day, the fountains and the statue of Sts. Willibald the dealer with the products of the surrounding area. The joie de vivre of the Eichstaett’s people is expressed in cheerful festivities, which are celebrated in the varied customs of a region in the border area of ​​Franconia, Swabia and Upper Bavaria.