Autumn at the Altmuehl

Hiking is not just the miller’s delight, but still a truly beautiful experience, which connects with nature, creates new perspectives and also arouses spirit and soul with a fresh wind. We are looking forward to the autumn. The golden, shimmering season, which is particularly beautiful in the Altmühl nature park, which often goes under or near one of its paths. In the woods, it smells of mushrooms, the leaves rustling softly from falling foliage, the gravel crunches under the shoes, and often the sound of the two rivers is heard. A sweet fruit of ripe apples blows from the garden Autumn sunlight. Colorful foliage seduces the senses, the dry grass slopes are scented intensively with herbs and after a touch of summer. They are ideal for taking a break, settling in the soft grass for a moment and just enjoying.

  • 4x+Übernachtung+im+Doppelzimmer
  • 4x+Frühstücksbüffet
  • 4x+Abendessen+Menü+oder+
  • a+la+carte
  • Aufpreis+je+Übernachtung
  • im+Einzelzimmer

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